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Kevin Barkley

Chief Training Officer

Kevin has an extensive background in creating safer environments for people. He's a husband, father and grandfather who loves to fish, watch anything OU related and enjoys cooking with his family. He also works on his golf game in his free time. Here are some of his accomplishments:

  • Over 30 years of combined Military, Law Enforcement and Medical experience.
  • 4 years US Navy Corpsman Combat Trauma management Specialist, 1st Battalion 2nd Marines, Camp Lejeune NC
  • 4 years Director of Medical Assisting Instruction, Tulsa
  • 5 years Lead Crisis Negotiator for NE Oklahoma Department of Corrections
  • 5 years Lead Crisis Negotiator, Dick Connors Correctional Facility
  • 9 years Lead Crisis Intervention Specialist, Washington County Correctional Facility
  • 3 years Corporal, Washington County Correctional Facility
  • 2 years Patrol Sergeant, Washington County Sheriff’s Department
  • 5 years Special Operations Team member
  • 5 years Lead Crisis Intervention Specialist, Washington County Sheriff’s Department SOT Division
  • 4 years Instructor Developer, Washington County Sheriff’s Department Patrol Division
  • Instructor of over 300 Run, Hide, Fight classes
  • FBI Crisis Intervention Specialist Training, Quantico, Virginia

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Expert Trainers

CAST's active shooter trainers are professionals who specialize in providing comprehensive training and education on how to respond to an active shooter incident. They are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of active shooter safety and preparedness, and they play a critical role in helping organizations and individuals prepare for and respond to a crisis situation.

They all have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, military, or emergency response, and they possess a deep understanding of the tactics, strategies, and best practices for responding to an active shooter event. They work closely with our clients to ensure that everyone is prepared for a potential crisis.

Each of our experts plays a vital role in keeping communities safe and secure. By providing effective training and education, they empower individuals and organizations to respond quickly and effectively in the face of danger.

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