The RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. Method

The Run, Hide, Fight method is a safety protocol designed to help individuals and organizations respond effectively to an active shooter event. The method emphasizes three primary actions that can help maximize safety in the event of an attack: run to safety if possible, hide if escape is impossible, and fight as a last resort if confronted by the attacker. The Run, Hide, Fight method is a widely recognized and utilized approach to active shooter preparedness training.

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Understanding the Method

This step involves providing an overview of the Run, Hide, Fight method and how it can be used to enhance personal safety during an active shooter event.


Situational Awareness

This step involves teaching individuals how to identify potential threats and how to analyze their surroundings to determine the best course of action.


Escape and Evade

This step involves teaching individuals how to run safely from a dangerous situation and how to evacuate a building quickly and efficiently.


Secure and Barricade

This step involves teaching individuals how to secure a location and how to barricade themselves in a room or other enclosed space to prevent the shooter from entering.


Confrontation and Resistance

This step involves teaching individuals how to fight back as a last resort if they are confronted by the shooter.


Post-Incident Procedures and Support

This step involves providing information on how to report incidents, how to seek medical and psychological support, and how to cope with the aftermath of an active shooter event.


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Put These Behind You

  • Fear and anxiety of not surviving an active shooter event
  • Uncertainty of how to respond in a crisis situation
  • Not being able to recognize the warning signs of potential violence
  • Concerns about being able to protect oneself and others in a crisis
  • Fear of making the wrong decisions in a high-stress environment
  • Difficulty in coping with the emotional aftermath of an incident
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